1. Go to Order Page
  2. Select Product that you want to purchase online
  3. On the Product Page you can see product information and you can select number of quantity including the price
  4. Click Add to Cart
  5. If you have another product to purchase you can go to Shop Page again and select other products
  6. Once you Have finalize your order click on checkout
  7. Fill your particular information Like Province, City & Postal Code.
  8. Select your Delivery Date
  9. If you would like to buy as a gift you can select on Ship to a different address? otherwise just disable the option
  10. Click on Place Order

*Note :

  1. Once you place order you will receive an instruction of the payment. All order has not been process if no payment has been made within 24 hours after order has been made and it consider as void/cancel
  2. Once we accept your order and payment, we will proceed your order and delivery within 65 hours (time will vary depend on location) you will receive an update we are processing your order and once we already shipped your product the status change to completed.
  3. During your order If you receive message “There are no shipping methods available.” it’s means we cannot deliver to your place. kindly select other province. We are sorry that we haven’t able to reach your place. we try to improve our services so you still can enjoy our products in your area.