Durian is one of King of the Fruits, the smells will make you want to try it. Durian Medan is one of the famous fruits and gift that you can buy in Medan. All people know about durian in medan, You can find this King of fruits easily in the Market. but for the quality one with the export grade you only can find this gem in “Durian Medan Lai Heng“.

Durian Medan Lai Heng is established since 1997 and have more experience to select the quality of Durian. We keep learning to improve our quality and understand our customer needs in the market. we start our business from hobbies turn to passion For the past over 20 years, we help to deliver your favorite fruit Medan to other places/countries so you still can taste the Durian even if you are not in tropical country.

Apparently Not all country we can serve, We need to know your location before you can put an order to keep our standard in place. it’s preferable you visit our places and bring this Durian as a Gift back to your country with our special packing it doesn’t smell when you bring to airport and it can help to keep the quality until few hours to keep the freshener .

We had improve our product to “Durian Kotak” & “Durian Pancake“.

Durian Kotak is for Durian Lover that want to consume Original Durian Taste, we have carefully select the best and quality Durian that ready consume and it’s being pack with quality satisfactions. this Durian Kotak you can find 2 taste of durian the bitter and sweetness or you can mix this 2 taste into 1 package.

Durian Pancake is one of the favorite, we had selected the quality of durian meat and use all natural ingredient to make the pancake to cover the meat. to keep the taste original our durian pancake the durian it’s 100% original only use durian and nothing mix with other ingredient. it’s best to consume during Snack time or Dessert Time.

Let us know in advance so we can prepare the freshener and good quality for you. not all the time we always had our products in store since this fruits is a seasonal products and we might don’t have any stock or even there is stock in the market yet we didn’t sell to our customer due to bad quality of the product. this is our commitment for you is We Only Sell a Good Products For You to Consume.